a sustainable recovery after the crisis:

economically strong, but also sustainable, livable and inclusive


Slowly but gradually we are going back to normal again after a period that demanded the utmost of our society. The crisis caused by  the COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of pressure on social challenges.

The focus is on sustainable economic recovery. How do you ensure that you will become an economically strong, inclusive, sustainable and future-proof city? In what way can you create an optimal and resilient living environment for your citizens by means of smart solutions?

Major tasks such as sustainable urbanisation, the energy and mobility transition, climate adaptation and the housing issue should be tackled. In order to do this effectively an integral approach is necessary to which digital solutions can contribute substantially. In this way we will create an economically strong, inclusive, sustainable and future-proof (information) society.

During the event we will look into the challenges at hand. We see three important subjects:

  • Opportunities for the economy: we focus on sustainable economic development. How can we make use of lessons learnt and do we turn the crisis into a transition?
  • Ethical and social inclusion: how do we, together, by engaging everyone, build a resilient, future-proof society? In which quality of life and safety take centre stage.
  • How do we organize this? how do we realize this? By collaborating, scaling up, and making use of digitalisation and new technologies we can make considerable progress.

On this day, we will work together to exchange experience and to learn from concrete examples. Not only from smart cities, but also from smart regions. The focus is on practical situations and offering concrete tools to start the transition yourself as of tomorrow.

We also involve our colleagues from abroad. After all, in many cases they are dealing with the same challenges. During virtual sessions we will try to find solutions together with them.

During the excursion we will visit best practices that contribute to the tackling of social challenges.

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Meindert Stolk

Councilor, Province of Zuid-Holland

Maarten Burggraaf

Alderman, City of Dordrecht

Deborah Nas

Part-time Professor Strategic Design for Technology-based innovation, TU Delft, Strategic Advisor, Innovator and Inspirator

Laurentien van Oranje

Founder, Number 5 Foundation

We will cover issues such as:

  • What lessons can we learn from the COVID-19 crisis and how can we use these to be stronger and more resilient in the future?
  • How can we collaborate with other cities to tackle social challenges in an integral way and with less financial means?
  • Digitalisation and data are more key than ever. How do you use digitalisation to meet the major challenges of urbanisation, climate transition and the information society in a more effective and efficient way?
  • How do you ensure optimal safety and transparency?
  • How do you link economy to quality of life?
  • What smart solutions exist to realise a sustainable urban development?
  • How do you make sure that the interests of all groups of citizens are taken into account?
  • What are the benefits of 5G and how can 5G accelerate other technologies?
  • What role does smart governance play in making your city future-proof?
  • What do you need to make public/ private collaboration successful?


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